Restaurant Billing Software
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Restaurant Billing Software

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Recipe Costing Determine the exact unit cost for every case size purchased Setup case sizes by answering a few simple questions Yield trimmed items without creating a recipe Indicate the expected yield of each prep and batch recipe Find the true cost per portion for all recipes Include detailed preparation instructions along with pictures of the recipe Add sub-recipes as ingredients Calculate selling price based on target cost percentage Link recipes to your POS System to identify theoretical usages Recipe costs are updated as ingredient prices changes Count inventory by full case, split case and even recipe units Enter counts for as many locations per item as needed Customize count sheets to match your storage locations Format count sheets by location, group or even category Count one or more case sizes for each item Detail amounts of batch recipes on hand Perpetual counts stored for non-key items Import counts from a mobile device Re-date an inventory entered for the wrong date Adjust counts with full audit history Value inventory using FIFO, Last Call or Average Cost Review Counts and Values Count using a PDA (OC Mobile) or scan barcodes for quick entry

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Usage/Application Hotel

Software Version 2.0

Mode Of Service Online

Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

Mac OS X


Number Of Users Single